The Olivieri Affair:

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Mini Symposium on the Olivieri case, from the Journal of Medical Ethics.

Report of the Committee of Inquiry on the Case Involving Dr. Nancy Olivieri, the Hospital for Sick Children, the University of Toronto, and Apotex Inc. (published by CAUT
[you can also find an alternative source of the same document at the bottom of this page]

Supplement to the Report of the Committee of Inquiry on the Case Involving Dr. Nancy Olivieri, the Hospital for Sick Children, the University of Toronto, and Apotex Inc.

Clinical Trials of L1 (Deferiprone) at The Hospital for Sick Children: A Review of Facts and Circumstances ("The Naimark Report")

A commentary by Arnold Naimark, Bartha Knoppers and Frederick Lowy on the CAUT report,  posted on the Sick Children's
hospital web site. (114 kb PDF file)

The Hospital for Sick Children's page regarding the L1 Clinical Trials Review

January 26, 1999 Joint Press Release, The Hospital for Sick Children and Dr. Nancy Olivieri

Statement from U of T President on Naimark Review, December 9, 1998

Nancy F. OLIVIERI, MD, FRCP (C) (research profile page at Sick Kids Hospital)

Summary of the University of Toronto's position with respect to Dr. Olivieri and the Hospital for Sick Children, December 15, 1998 (ethical issues in the pharmaceutical industry)

U of T's Research Policy Review Task Force Report

From Apotex Canada's website:

Doctors for Research Integrity

Ontario Medical Association

Scullduggery: "L'affaire Olivieri" (a page by Donald Forsdyke of Queen's University)


Related Journal Articles, etc.

New! Canadian Medical Association Journal, February 19, 2002

  • Dances with the pharmaceutical industry
    E. Gibson, F. Baylis, S. Lewis
    [HTML / PDF]
  • The deferiprone controversy: time to move on
    C.D. Naylor
    [HTML / PDF]
  • Early Toronto experience with new standards for industry-sponsored clinical research: a progress report
    C.D. Naylor, for the Research Committee and Clinical Study Agreements Working Group of the Toronto Academic Health Science Council
    [HTML / PDF]
  • The Olivieri dispute: No end in sight? [HTML / PDF]

Constraints of interest: lessons at the Hospital for Sick Children, Robert A. Phillips, PhD; John Hoey, MD. CMAJ 1998;159:955-7.

Independent review adds to controversy at Sick Kids, Miriam Shuchman, MD CMAJ 1999;160:386-8.

Long-Term Safety and Effectiveness of Iron-Chelation Therapy with Deferiprone for Thalassemia Major, Nancy F. Olivieri, et al, New England Journal of Medicine, August 13, 1998.

Transfusional iron overload and chelation therapy with deferoxamine and deferiprone (L1) George J. Kontoghiorghes, Katerina Pattichi, Michael Hadjigavriel, Annita Kolnagou. Transfusion Science 23 (2000) 211-223 [in PDF format]

Look, no strings: publishing industry-funded research. Editorial, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2001;165(6):733.

Dancing with the porcupine: rules for governing the university?industry relationship. Steven Lewis, Patricia Baird, Robert G. Evans, William A. Ghali, Charles J. Wright, Elaine Gibson, Fran?oise Baylis. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2001;165(6):783.

The kept university. by Eyal Press and Jennifer Washburn. Atlantic Monthly 2000;285

Scientific harassment by pharmaceutical companies: time to stop. by David Hailey, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2000;162:212-3.

"Conflict Of Interest In Clinical Drug Trials: A Risk Factor For Scientific Misconduct," by Thomas Bodenheimer, M.D. (website of the Office for Human Research Protections)

News Stories

Special Newsletter on Academic Freedom: Today's Debates about Clinical Faculty, U of T Faculty Association Newsletter - November 22, 2001

Olivieri was right to disclose concern about drug: report: University, hospital owe researcher redress, panel says (National Post, October 27, 2001)

Doctor's letters warrant discipline hearing: Review: Sick Kids physician's actions `outrageous' (Toronto Star, Nov. 22, 2001)

Canadian doctors announce legal challenge of European Commission's approval of APOTEX drug deferiprone. Canada NewsWire, Nov. 18, 1999.

European Court Confirms Worthiness of Olivieri's Challenge. Canada NewsWire, April 7, 2000.

College censured over Olivieri case: Board orders disciplinary review of doctor who wrote anonymous letters (National Post, November 22, 2001)

Nancy Olivieri and the Scandal at Sick Kids Hospital: Struggle for Academic Freedom -- Not Yet Over (U of T Faculty Association Newsletter, February 11, 1999)

Sick Kids fires Olivieri as director: Co-workers defy ?gag orders? to call for retraction (U of T's Varsity News, July 24, 1999)

Independent Olivieri inquiry launched: Prichard not amused (U of T's Varsity News, November 4, 1999)

Sick Kids and CAUT in correspondence clash: Letters reveal polarized positions (U of T's Varsity News, July 24, 2001)

U of T working on $20-million donation from Apotex Foundation: As Hospital for Sick Children research controversy continues (U of T's Varsity News, July 24, 2001)

Time crunch looms over Olivieri review: Impossible deadline for two new panellists, say critics (U of T's Varsity News, July 24, 2001)

28,000 Canadian faculty denounce Sick Kids inquiry: Hospital says faculty are only being ?used? (U of T's Varsity News, July 24, 2001)

"Research Ethics vs. Corporate Interests Investigator's Disclosure Fuels Ethics Debate" (from CAUT Bulletin, September 1998)

"The Commercialization of Higher Education" UWO Gazette, Winter 1999.


General Resources: Academic Freedom & Academic Integrity

CAUT'Academic Freedom Page

American Association of University Professors

Computers and Academic Freedom Project

The Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship

Academic Freedom, Social Responsibility and University Autonomy (from the International Association of Universities)

Center for Academic Integrity, Duke University


General Resources: Research Ethics

"Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans" (Canada)

"Bioethics for clinicians: 10. Research ethics". Charles Weijer; Bernard Dickens, Eric M. Meslin, Canadian Medical Association Journal 1997;156:1153-7.

National Council on Ethics in Human Research (Canada)

The Belmont Report (U.S.)

IRB Guidebook (U.S.)

Declaration of Helsinki (World Medical Association)


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